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Russian Alphabet Course

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Russian Alphabet Course

Russian Alphabet Course

Welcome to this free Russian Alphabet Course!

I created this course for students who are just starting to learn the Russian language or those who are struggling with the Russian alphabet and finding it as an obstacle to continue learning Russian.

In this course you will learn all of the letters of the Russian alphabet, how to write them and pronounce them. You will also learn the mysterious Russian cursive writing, that many learners find hard to recognise. These are the letters that Russians mostly use when writing by hand, so it is very important to learn cursive writing as well. Cursive letters can be very different from block letters and reading a text written in cursive can be quite challenging if you are not familiar with the Russian handwriting.

Throughout the course I will be also giving you some pronunciation hacks which will help you pronounce Russian words correctly. I will explain you how the pronunciation of certain letters can change depending on the position of the letter in a word.

There is a lot of practice included which will help you to check your knowledge at the end of each lesson.
I hope that this course will be beneficial for you!

I wish you success and let’s begin!

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